Thank you for stopping by!  My name is Susan, and I am a DONA International-trained birth doula.  I have been working with expectant mothers and their partners and attending births since November 2010.  What started out as a rewarding hobby has now morphed into a desire to serve new and expanding families on a full-time basis, and I would be thrilled to share my services with you and your family!

Perhaps you’re wondering about the name of my business.  The story behind it is as unique and dear to me as each one of the births I’ve attended.  At the labor of my second-ever client, her sister noticed that I spent a lot of time refreshing and rearranging blankets, washcloths, and so forth.  Having never really seen a doula in action before, and working to put my job into a pre-existing framework so as to understand it better, she remarked in awe, “You’re kind of like a bridesmaid to a woman in labor.”  I really liked the way she worded that, and felt that it really did represent my job as a birth doula rather nicely, so I adopted the name “Birthmaid” when I decided that I was ready to become official.  Since the word “doula” itself is Greek for “maidservant,” “birthmaid” is really a rather fitting term.

If you stumbled across my page and still aren’t really sure what it is that a birth doula actually does, I hope that some of the links at the top of the page will help to clarify my role in the exciting world of new motherhood – and more specifically, the part that I would play in your own labor and delivery.  If you are currently pregnant and actively seeking a doula for your birth, I hope that some of the other links will help you decide whether I would be a good fit for your expectations – as well as your budget.  And regardless of where you will go from here, congratulations on your pregnancy, and best wishes to you, your family, and your newest little one!


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